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Needle-punched sewing canvas

Scope of use:
Linings for collars, shoulder pads, armrests; For the manufacture of individual parts of church clothing, bags, backpacks; Insulation for overalls and special suits; For the production of accessories for saunas and baths – hats, gloves, rugs.


Tensile strength:
90 gr/m2 2000 gr/m2.


100% non-polyester fiber with the possibility of adding other raw materials


The product has a large variation:

  • actual needle punched sewing cloths;
  • needle-punched sewing cloths with subsequent heat fixation;
  • needle-punched canvases with subsequent glue impregnation;
  • needle-punched sewing fabrics with the addition of natural raw materials to PET fibers – wool, cotton, etc.

Bagulya Yurii

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