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Scope of use

Construction of new and repair of asphalt concrete covering of existing roads, airports, asphalt sites
Reinforcement of asphalt concrete pavement in separate areas with heavy traffic


Scope of use:

  • Reinforcement of highway and railway embankments
  • Construction of temporary roads
  • Construction of new and reconstruction of old railway embankments
  • Arrangement of reinforced soil retaining walls

Tensile strength:
from 10 kN/m to 400 kN/m.


made of high-modulus PET threads by the warp-knitting method



  • Reduction of the volume of earthworks and the area of ​​occupied land;
  • Increasing the coefficient of reliability and stability of embankments;
  • Reduction of uneven settlement of the structure;
  • Reduction of costs for the operation of machines and basic wages in connection with the reduction of costs for transportation of construction materials, their stacking, compaction, etc.;
  • The melting point of the geogrid material is 251 °C, the substrate is 160 °C;

Product features:

  • High tensile strength at low elongation;
  • The possibility of reinforcing fine-grained soils, which cannot be done using geogrids;
  • Together with the function of reinforcement, it performs the function of separation and filtering;
  • Resistant to damage during installation