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Geocomposite Pulsatex

Scope of use
Construction of new and repair of asphalt concrete covering of existing roads, airports, asphalt sites

Reinforcement of asphalt concrete pavement in separate areas with heavy traffic


GA 50/ 50 ( 17 ) GA 100/100(17)


A system of high-strength polyester rovings, fastened together with a stitching thread on an ultra-thin non-woven polypropylene backing



  • High tensile strength at low elongation;
  • High elasticity index, which ensures low damage to the material during the laying process;
  • The ultra-thin polypropylene backing serves to facilitate laying and increases the adhesion between the coating and the geogrid. It prevents the displacement of the geogrid during installation, without creating an additional layer and does not contribute to the delamination of the coating;
  • The melting point of the geogrid material is 251 °C, the substrate is 160 °C;


Formation of reflections of cracks, rutting of coatings